WBCSD SMP2.0 Sathorn Model Project — Final Report

[Sathorn Model, Sathorn Road, Bangkok, Sustainable Mobility]

This is a download page of Sathorn Model Project — Final Report.

What is in this page?

The report consists of 5 reports :

  1. Summary Report
    Summary Report

  2. Traffic Flow Management                                   
  3. Park and Ride                                                        
  4. Shuttle Bus                                                             
  5. Information System and Flexible Working Time

What do we do in Sathorn Model?

Sathorn model selected 5 main measures to perform Social Experiments:

  • Traffic Management,
  • Park and Ride,
  • Shuttle Bus,
  • Information system, and
  • Flexible Working Time.

What is Sathorn Model?

WBCSD Sustainable  Mobility Project 2.0 (SMP2.0) was initiated by 15 global companies selected 6 demonstrator cities, including Bangkok, to develop roadmap for sustainable mobility. SMP 2.0 implementation in Bangkok, granted by Toyota Mobility Foundation, has chosen Sathorn road as a model road to implement Traffic Management, named as Sathorn Model.

Social Experiments in Sathorn Model

The social experiment is the process where actual trials are implemented and actual results are collected. Thus, future plan can include real and effective measures. Furthermore, the project places emphasis on cooperation’s between government agencies, private entities, and individual citizen. The key success factor is Social acceptance and participation. Impacts, participations, and problems of the social experiment will guide the underlying model of collaborations between academic institutes, public sectors and private sectors

In the third Social Experiment, a total of 24 measures were implemented. The result showed 12.6% increase in traffic flow rate, 68% increase in travel speed and 1 km reduction in queue length during morning peak period. At the same time, a Social Experiment exhibition was also held to display effectiveness of the measures. This contributed to greater understanding on Traffic Management by governmental officials and general public.

The result of Sathorn Model can be a sample of best practices.  It shows that collaboration is necessary to bring good practices.  Government can work with Private sectors in solving traffic congestion.

For More information

To find out more information:

Please read the final reports, which are attached in this website.


The Sathorn Model project was finished in 2017. Nonetheless, any inquiry can be submitted to

Associate Professor Dr. Sorawit Narupiti

Department of Civil Engineering, Chulalongkorn University



Sathorn Model project was a pool effort by several organizations:

  • Ministry of Transport,
  • Bangkok Metropolitan Administration,
  • Royal Thai Police,
  • Chulalongkorn University,
  • Toyota Motor Thailand,
  • Business and private organizations on Sathorn Road and nearby,
  • Assumption school,
  • Bangkok Christian College school.