The Faculty of Engineering Library is located on the third floor of Engineering Building 3. Catering for academic services, the library supports basic education and advanced research by undergraduate and graduate students, instructors, expert researchers, engineering alumni, and the interested public.
The library offers lending of textbooks, books, journals, theses, and other publications and audio-visual aids, including academic videotapes, microfiches, and cassette tapes. Students can also search for information via linking databases among Chulalongkorn University libraries.
Today the library offers more than 60,000 textbooks, including more than 100 academic journals. In addition, several individual departments provide specialized libraries.
The library’s website: http://www.library.eng.chula.ac.th/
Computer Center

The Computer Center (or officially named the “Information Technology Learning Center”) of the faculty was established in 1984 as part of a project to develop academic, scientific, and engineering research for the university. At first, the center focused on computer-aided design (CAD). Currently, besides providing computer and IT services designed to support education and faculty research, the center provides network services and online information to its students and staff.


The Computer Center’s website: http://www.ecc.eng.chula.ac.th/

Live and Learn Internet Lounge
Live & Learn is an independent learning space to support and enhance student’s learning in a relaxed and modern environment. It is furnished with wireless internet, trendy workspace, laptop power connection, and group meeting area with LCD screens. In addition, Live & Learn utilizes state-of-the-art energy conservation technology in order to instill eco-friendly conscience in our students and future engineers.
Live & Learn is made possible by contributions from Toshiba (Thailand) in remembrance of Dr.Korn Suriyasat, who graduated from Department of Electrical Engineering and was later granted an honorary doctoral degree from Faculty of Engineering.
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Rooms for Small Seminars

For room reservation, students can register for meetings, group work, or group study. These rooms are located on the fourth floor of Building 3. Both wireless internet and i WiFi are available in this area.


Wireless Internet Network Service and ChulaWiFi
In addition to the high-speed internet designed for students’ laptops with a LAN line via the ethernet card, the University normally provides NirasNet wireless internet service to all students, who can register for a card number to connect to their wireless internet at http://www.it.chula.ac.th/
To foster confidence in wireless internet connection, the faculty provides ChulaWiFi service at hotspots in addition to the basic ones. Registered students with NirasNet can use the wireless internet with quality-controlled signal and network equipment to guarantee connection, leading to effective WiFi use for in-class lessons.
Electronic Library

The faculty established the Center for Electronic Learning (E-Learning Center) to support e-media production for educational and knowledge–seeking purposes. These media are in different forms, including videos and e-documents. Students can use them for self-review in their spare time. The university also implemented the Blackboard program (http://blackboard.it.chula.ac.th/) the world’s leading LMS program, to support lessons.

The university provides several male and female dormitories for thousands of students. Three dormitories are designed for female students – Pudtan, Pudson and Chuanchom – and two for males – Champee and Champa. Furthermore, there is Puangchompoo located at U-Center (behind the former Samyan Market).

In addition, private dormitories are available in the vicinity. For further information, please contact Office of Student Relations (http://www.sa.chula.ac.th/) and Office of Student Affairs (https://student.eng.chula.ac.th/login.php)

The faculty and the university grant some scholarships to students with good conduct, decent academic record, and financial difficulty. These scholarships cover educational expenses. The faculty also receives scholarship donations from outsiders, meant for these students.
For international programs, two scholarship categories are available for students with outstanding academic records, namely ISE100 and ISE50, covering all of the tuition and half of the tuition. These mentioned scholarships are generally awarded to 10% of the students of each international program.
Sports and Recreation
Since students enjoy unwinding by engaging in their favorite sports, the university provides them with the best equipped facilities, including an Asian-standard football stadium, athletic tracks, an indoor gymnasium for volleyball, badminton, gymnastics, tennis courts, swimming pools, a fitness center, and a sports shop.

Health Care Services
The University has a health care unit, offering medicines and general medical treatment to university staff members and students free of charge. Located in Jamjuree 9 Building, the unit is open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays.
In addition to these basic health care services, Chulalongkorn Hospital is located on campus.
International House

To accommodate foreign visitors/visiting professors and scholars, the university runs an international house on campus with 24-hour service, including a restaurant.


Among many, the faculty provides a canteen for students and personnel, serving clean and quality food at reasonable prices. It is regulated by the faculty canteen committee.
Other canteens are located nearby within two minutes’ walk, including convenience stores scattered around the faculty.
Besides bus stations, to the north of the university lie two BTS stations, namely Siam Square and National Stadium. The university provides shuttle buses to transfer passengers to BTS stations at a discounted fare. To its south lies the Samyan MRT Station.
Despite its campaign for students to use public transportation, the university provides parking space at Jamjuree 9 Building.
Shopping Malls

On the grounds of the university sit giant shopping malls, popular among Bangkokians and tourists, including Jamjuree Square, Siam Square, Siam Center, Siam Discovery, MBK Center, Siam Paragon, and many others within 15-minute walk, including Central World Center, Gaysorn Plaza, and Amarin Plaza.