One Day Tour | Learn Do Share @ Bangkachao, Samutprakan province

The One Day Tour | Learn Day Share held by Office of International Affairs, Faculty of Engineering, on November 14, 2020, was the event that aimed to cultivate public consciousness and develop understanding about sustainable living. There were altogether 25 international students and Thai students and staffs who joined this event.

The three activities of this event took place at Bangnamphueng Homestay, a community enterprise which hold on to the idea of sufficiency economy from King Rama IX. The first activity was the making of tie dye tote bag from natural color. This dye color is extracted from the coat of Nipa palm fruit which commonly grow around this area. People in Bangnamphueng community try to make use of Nipa palm by using the fruits to cook food, the leaves to create container, and the fruit coats to make dye color. The second activity was the cooking of Khanom Thuai, an easy cooking Thai dessert. This dessert requires a few ingredients and the recipe is simple enough for everyone to cook at home by themselves. The last activity of this event was a water treatment to improve the community area by using EM made from organic waste within the community.