Japanese government (MEXT) scholarship: Forefront program on GLOCAL civil engineering leaders for co‐development of Asia and Japan

The Graduate School of Engineering and the Graduate School of Environmental Studies at Nagoya University, as well as the Graduate School of Engineering at Gifu University are accepting applications from foreign students who wish to pursue a doctoral degree in the field of Civil and Environmental Engineering, with the financial aid of the Japanese Government (Monbu-Kagaku-sho: MEXT) Scholarship Program.

The selection will be made by the submitted documents and internet interviews, and all applicants can apply for this examination without visiting Japan.

Those who pass the selection process will be allowed to enter the doctoral program in October 2023 .
The professors who will supervise the doctoral students in this program and their research fields can be found in the following official websites:
■Nagoya University:
■Gifu University:

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