Matlab Chula Campus License

Chulalongkorn University by the Faculty of Engineering,  in association with the Faculty of Science, Chulalongkorn Business School, the Faculty of Medicine, and the Petroleum and Petrochemical College offer a campus-wide license to MATLAB, Simulink, and companion toolboxes.  All faculty members, staffs, and students may access these products on their machines operating on Microsoft Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, under this license.

Installation Steps for New Users

Please create your MathWorks account via

using your university e-mail address that ends with or  Then verify your e-mail address through the university mailbox,  follow the link in the verification e-mail to set your password, and login with the newly createed credentials at

Choose “Associate to an additional license” and fill the 25-digit Activation Key


and click the “Associate License” button.  Now you can use this <<link>> (only from inside Chula campus) or proceed to

to download the program for installation.

Activation Steps for Current Users

For those who have their previous Matlab installation and do not want upgrade or download anything, you can activate your Matlab with Chulalongkorn TAH License from the “Help” > “Licensing” > ” Activate Software” menu in Matlab as shown below.


Another method is via the command line for Microsoft Windows

C:\Program Files\MATLAB\R20XXx\bin\winYY\activate_matlab.exe

replacing XXx with your version of Matlab and YY with 32 or 64 as appropriate, or


for Linux.  Now choose “Activate automatically using the Internet” to create a new user account using the e-mail ending with or

Fill the required information and the Activation Key as


After verifying your e-mail address through the university mailbox, you can click “Next>” to finish the activation process and continue using your existing Matlab under our Campus license with any new installation or downloading.

Further help and information

Please refer to the document from MathWorks at

or kindly contact Engineering Computer Center at or extension number 86380.